Game Tester​ Job Description

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Most of you have a passion for playing games from childhood and this is something that you can do for the whole day. What if I say that can you be your full-time job? where you will be playing game for full day, Isn’t it like dream comes true? Let’s understand the game tester job description in depth.

Game testers are the experts of playing games. Their responsibilities are to test the game and find the bugs and issues. They need to test every level as well as the mechanisms of the game.

Game Tester job description

Game tester roles start from the early stage of the game development till the launch of the game, and they need to continuously test the game and find the bugs and issues. They can also give suggestions to improve the gameplay quality.

They also need to communicate with the development team because they need to explain the bugs to developers. The game tester should also be well educated about the technical aspects of the game development to deal with the development department.

Game testers play a vital role in the success of the game, They need to test the game in technical aspects but also according to the user’s point of view, who is the ultimate user.  They need to understand the psychology of the gamer, This way game tester can boost the sales performance of the game.

This was the brief about the game tester job description. So to understand the game tester job description better let’s understand it in detail.

So here is the game tester job description:

Game Tester Job Description

Video game testers work for tech companies thoroughly examining games to make sure they are free of bugs, glitches, and other errors. They are also known as Beta Testers, or, simply, Game Testers. The professional occupation title is Quality Assurance (QA) Tester. The work is about helping developers pinpoint technical and creative problems users could face before a game is released to the public.

The job of a video game tester subtly combines playing with breaking. The agent purposefully moves through a video game, examining and working through every level, scouring each menu, and utilizing every different character variation with the goal of uncovering flaws in the system.

A video game tester is expected to take a wide range of actions in a game to identify small- to large-scale problems.  For example, when a player gets trapped in a certain spot, or when a movement graphic doesn’t work properly on a specific character.  There are millions of possible bugs, but thanks to video game testers, most games are released nearly flawless.

Here are several points that describe the game tester job description:

  • Passion for the games
  • Understanding of gamer’s psychology
  • Technical knowledge of game development.
  • Should have experience in programming.
  • White box and black box testing
  • Unit testing.
  • Knowledge of automation testing.
  • Playing the game to completion.
  • Make a note of all glitches and bugs in the game.
  • Communicating any issues with the game designers and developers.
  • Recommending game additions or modifications.

To understand the game tester job description better, we need to understand the
game designer’s roles and responsibilities first.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of Game Tester

There are several responsibilities of the game tester, They need to ensure the quality assurance of a product by playing the game in as many ways as possible. Here are some other duties and activities that a tester may be involved with:

  • Playing the game and testing it with different-different test cases.
  • Completing all side quests and exploring all levels.
  • Learn to be repetitive as well as unexpected. You’re trying to break the game!
  • Compare new versions of the game and replicate previous bugs to see if they have been fixed
  • Play game using different settings and options if available
  • Achieving the highest level in the game
  • Make a note of all glitches and bugs in the game
  • Report any error codes that may pop up and report them to the developer
These are the roles and responsibilities of the game tester, It can be in the game designer’s job description as well.

Average Salary Of Game Tester

Game Tester’s average yearly salary will be around $74,747. Entry-level yearly wages start at around the  $46,000 mark, with top-end yearly salaries reaching around $100,000. (Source Glassdoor)

Hope the article was helpful and now you should have a better understanding of the game tester job description. You can also check the game developer job description.

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