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We want to encourage writers who want to get discovered and published, to get their ideas and thoughts out into the world.

If you are a game developer or professional, have some experience in this industry, and are highly interested in contributing content to gamedevsolutions be sure to familiarize yourself with the relevant topics we generally cover. We would love to accept articles from you.

Perks And Benefits For You

So here are the benefits you will get if you write on our platform.

  • FREE Guest Posting (Not For Promotional Content).
  • Your Brand Name (or personal name) And Your Bio at the end of the content will help you to increase the authenticity in the community.
  • You get a Do-Follow link in your bio to promote you or your brand.
  • Get traffic from our organic reach from the search engine.
  • You become a trusted expert on your topic.

What to write for us?

You can write articles on several topics we generally cover such as:

    • Unity Game Development
      • Scripting
      • Animation
      • Shaders
      • VFX and Particles
      • Bug Fixes
    • C#
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Design Patterns
    • Interview Questions 
    • 3D Modeling 
    • Game Testing
    • Game Design
    • Unreal Engine
    • C++

What do we expect from you?

When it comes to publishing articles, the quality and subject of the article play a major role and we want to ensure that we manage both. Before publishing an article, you may want to make sure you are submitting an article on a topic, which has not been published on our site yet. As an author, you should be responsible for the following:

  • Post length: no less than 700 words.
  • Make sure your article idea is original and you are not using duplicating content by Copy Pasting from other sites.
  • Make sure you select a proper major category, You can contact us if your category is not available.
  • Include a featured image about the topic.
  • Graphics and images should be optimized (if applicable).
  • Do not include promotional links in the content.
  • The source code in the article has a proper code format.
  • Proofread your post to deliver your content free of typos and grammatical errors (we recommend using Grammarly).

If you have any queries or issues then don’t worry, I will be there to help if you need my guidance.

The Article Will Be Rejected If

We may reject your article if your article has:

  • Your article is on the previous topics which gamedevsolutions has already covered.
  • Your article is only about promoting your product or services. For promotional content, you can contact us for paid guest posting.
  • Your article is a duplicate or Copy Paste from other sites. We will review it before accepting.

How To Submit Article?

To submit your article, you simply need to write your article below in the form.

Before You Submit Please Make Sure The Followings :

  • You provide your original name.
  • An Email Id where we reach out to you, in case we need some changes in the article.
  • A URL that you want to include in your bio. This will help you to promote yourself or your brand.
  • Please use the proper Title.
  • Include the tags on which you want to rank your article.
  • Author Name, your name which will be shown in the bio section.
  • Author Bio, Write a proper author bio because it will help you to present yourself as an expert.
  • Important: Choose the proper category that your article fits into. In case you don’t find the relevant category, you can contact us at
  • Must include the feature image, this is like a thumbnail on which the user will click from the home page.
  • Add files, if your article contains any media file such as an Image, Video, or GIF.

When you submit the article, your article will be sent to review and we will update you within 24 hours.

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