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Hi, I’m Aakash Solanki, I am the founder of gamedevsolutions. By profession, I am a unity3d game developer.

As a unity game developer, I often found that people tend to have a way of making things appear more complex than they are. So I decided to start my first blog where I can help the developer by solving the errors that we mostly face and also helpful content for the newcomers in this industry.

So our main motto of this group is to provide solutions to issues might be as scripting or editor issues or anything related to unity3d, So this is why I started this blog.

Before this blog, I was posting in my Facebook community Then I thought to start a youtube channel Because I observed that I can not properly guide you all through posting in the group and it may not reach more people who are also looking for the same solution.

So let me tell you all that I am thinking to post solutions on YouTube, I was not interested in making YouTube videos but I thought to do this, Where I post some tutorials and some straightforward solutions.

My goal for gamedevsolutions.com is not just to help you to solve your issue and errors — although I certainly want to do that— but to help you improve in all areas of game development.

In short, I want to help you succeed and become a better version of yourself every day.

You can also follow me on social media and connect with me anytime.

COMMENT HERE OR DM me any issue you are facing or anything on that you want me to write an article, I will try my best to help you out.

So will you guys support me, And please suggest to me some topics we will start from the basics because as I told you, I want to help newcomers as well. Hope you all will love it. Please share it to support our community.

Hope you all will love the content and support me in growing gamedevsolutions, SHARE IT IF YOU LIKE IT

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