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Affiliate Disclaimer

Pages on this website and some of my YouTube video descriptions may include affiliate links, meaning that, if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

I would love to be transparent with my audience, And In the interest of being transparent, this page lists any affiliate programs I take part in and my policy on when I do and do not link so that you can know what to expect when using this site or viewing my videos. 

Why I use affiliate links

I use affiliate links to support the running of my blog and my Youtube channel so that I can continue to make content and articles for free.

When I will use an affiliate link

I’ll only use an affiliate link when all of the below is true:

  • I want to provide a link to the content, even if an affiliate link doesn’t exist
  • I genuinely believe in the value of the product or the service that I’m linking to
  • I either use it myself or I would be happy to recommend it personally
  • I believe that the product is relevant to you and the content

When I won’t use affiliate links

I won’t use an affiliate link if:

  • I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise
  • If I don’t believe in the value or relevance of the service or product
  • If it’s not relevant or appropriate
  • If you wouldn’t reasonably expect the link to be an affiliate link (for example, if I provide a link to another page that is not a product)


When I do use affiliate links, I’ll always make it clear to you by posting a disclaimer on the page or next to the link itself.

Affiliate Programs I Participate In

I participate in the following affiliate programs.

  • Unity Asset Store Affiliate Program
  • Udemy Affiliate Program

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