Game Designer​ Job Description

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In this article,  We will see what is the game designer job description. Game designers are the ones who create the game concepts and imagine the visuals of the game and convey the same to artists and make them real.

Game designers create the concepts of the game like game rules, characters, game storyline, and overall user experience. They also deal with the game artists and developers to make that imagination into a real game.

A Game Designer is the part of creative team in the game development departments. They develop the game design document and concepts and manage it till the end of the final release of the game. Game Designers author the storyline, writing the plot points, character development, and game objectives that drive the game. The designer works within the rules of the genre of the game, with real innovation occurring when the genre is pushed to its limits or reinvented. 

They may also manage project teams and test early versions of the games. It is the Game Designer’s job to ensure that teams and team dynamics work effectively to finish on schedule and on budget. So this is a brief intro of the game designer job description, Let’s Understand this in detail.

So here is the game designer job description.

Game Designer Job Description

Game Designer Job Description

Here are several points that describe the game designer job description:

  • Managing and meeting the deadlines of the game.
  • Managing the game development process under the budget of the company
  • Working with new team members and providing training to them.
  • Handling clients and understanding their requirements.
  • Meeting with the team members and also with other departments to keep the understanding of work progress
  • Explaining the game design requirements with the game artist and developers.
  • Creating the core game features such as storylines, role-play mechanics, and character biographies for a new video game.
  • Devise missions, challenges, or puzzles to be encountered in game play.
  • Discussing the game design requirements with game development team.
  • Develop and maintain design level documentation, including mechanics, guidelines, and mission outlines.
  • Managing documentation, production schedules, prototyping goals, and communication plans in collaboration with production staff.

So to understand the game designer job description better we need to understand first the game designer’s roles and responsibilities.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of Game Designer

The main role of a game designer is to manage all creating aspects of the game development. Monitoring the process of game development to make sure that all things going according to the prior plan. Game designers also need to make that development should be within the budget of the company. 

Game Designers are charged with developing game concepts whether they be their own original idea, a commissioned idea or a game based on another medium such as a film. 

Whatever the scope of the task, the role of the Game Designer requires a mix of creative, managerial and technical responsibilities.

As a game designer, you may work on a design that you’ve conceived yourself or from a pre-approved idea, such as a game based upon a film.

So here are the key roles and responsibilities that you will see in game designer job description.

Roles And Responsibilities Of The Game Designer:-

  • Develop the original game design concept and document it.
  • Creating the game structure and game levels.
  • Writing the game storyline, game flow, character bios, the actual game objective that can connect with the game user.
  • Define the user interface, menus, and controls of the game and the overall game experience.
  • Making the game interesting to gain user retention to the game.
  • Creating GDD(Game Design Document).
  • Research the target audience of the game to understand their interests and taste and what they want.
  • Working with the game development team.
  • Working with the QA team at the time of game release.
  • Leading and monitoring the game launch.
These roles and responsibilities that can be in the game designer job description.

Software And Tools Game Designer Use

  • Unity
  • Maya
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal 4

Average Salary Of Game Designer

Game Designer’s average yearly salary will be around USD $65,042. Entry-level yearly wages start at around the USD $40,000 mark, with top-end yearly salaries reaching around USD $102,000. (Source Payscale)

Hope the article was helpful and now you should have a better understanding of the game designer job description. You also check the game developer job description.

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