Game AI Programmer​ Job Description

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In this article, We will be discussing the Game AI Programmer Job Description. Game AI Programmers are who create minds for the game. for instance Enemy AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmers can be said to give a game its brain. They create algorithms that set the behavior of characters and elements based on the gameplay of the individual player. Elements such as pathfinding, group movement, and camera control are all embedded into the gameplay strategy.

AI programmers create the brains of the game. The non-playable characters (NPCs – the ones that are not controlled by a player) need to make decisions and behave in ways that are believable, exciting and present the player with varying degrees of challenge. The role of the AI programmer is to write the code that outlines the way these characters operate. This gives the impression that NPCs have thoughts and emotions.

In this highly specialized field programmers establish decision trees and design neural networks within the game, creating artificial nerve systems. AI programming is at the cutting edge of game development as it has a deep impact on gameplay that players may not be aware of, this leads to a dynamic and intuitive experience. So this is a brief intro of the game AI programmer job description, Let’s Understand this in detail.

So here is the game AI programmer job description.

Game AI programmer job description

Game AI Programmer Job Description

Here are several points that describe the game AI programmer job description:

  • Trained in computer science, engineering, or game development
  • Specialized knowledge of artificial intelligence and its future in gaming
  • Equally creative and critical thinker
  • Abstract thinker, understanding of relational reasoning
  • Strong intuition for how artificial intelligence works
  • Experienced in writing algorithms
  • Background in advanced mathematics
  • Solid understanding of physics
  • Ability to combine computer
  • programming with human insight
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Familiar with the game production pipeline process
  • Passion for video games and experience with gaming
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player, able to work independently
  • Highly skilled in innovation
  • Understanding the psychologies of characters and how they are likely to behave
  • Knowledge of automation scripts
  • Familiar with neural networks and deep learning

So to understand the game AI programmer job description better we need to understand first the gameplay programmer roles and responsibilities.

Practical guide to AI in Unity
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Roles And Responsibilities Of AI Programmer

The role of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Programmer is to cater gameplay to the individual player. This is done by writing algorithms that create a system of action and reaction based on a unique set of decisions made by the player at every stage of the game.

AI Programming is a highly specialized area of game development, it should be seamless and invisible to the player by enhancing the experience on a subliminal level. This area of development is about providing the game with a ‘brain’ that works instinctively and independently based on the individual player’s gameplay.

So here are the key roles and responsibilities that you will see in game AI programmer job description.

Roles And Responsibilities Of The AI Programmer:

  • Communicating with designers and developers to devise an AI plan
  • Setting patterns and parameters for the rules of the game
  • Creating a framework for artificial emotions and ideas within non-playable characters
  • Researching and developing AI elements that will best enhance the game
  • Creating procedures and production documents
  • Assisting animators and programmers with AI requirements
  • Writing custom code and AI tools to expand the game
  • Brainstorming with designers, animators, and developers on AI techniques throughout the process
These roles and responsibilities that can be in the game AI programmer job description.

Software And Tools AI Programmer Use

  • Programming languages like Java, Scala, and Python
  • Deep learning platforms such as H20.AI
  • Deep learning libraries
  • Google assistants to implement within AI systems
  • Cloud platforms like Azure or Google Cloud AI
  • IBM Watson AI solutions
  • APIs like OpenGL or PhysX
  • Profiling tools like Perl or Perforce
  • Analytic tools like TensorFlow, Torch, and PyTorch

An AI Programmer must be skilled in AI technologies, techniques, and the subtleties of gameplay. They need to have highly developed problem-solving abilities and enjoy the challenge of complex computing issues.

AI programmers care about keeping our players immersed in the game world. Using our most advanced tools, you make the unexpected come to life; in many ways, you are responsible for creating the exciting, suspenseful, and downright fun interactions within a game’s universe. One of your biggest thrills is witnessing players engage with your work in surprising new ways. 

You understand that game development is an iterative process and you work with mission designers to improve each new version. As a dependable and collaborative member of an interdependent team of programmers, animators, designers, and dev testers, you provide the remarkable AI knowledge that will create the most compelling and interesting AI experience possible for our players.

Average Salary Of AI Programmer

The average salary for an AI Programmer will range from USD $40,000 for a junior position to USD $81,000+ for a senior position. (Source: Glassdoor)

Hope the article was helpful and now you should have a better understanding of the game AI programmer job description. You also check the game developer job description.

Let me know in the comments Why You Want To Become a Game AI Programmer?

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